Oriflow Flow Control Chamber 600mm Diameter

Oriflow Flow Control Chamber 600mm Diameter
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    Oriflow Flow Control Chamber 600mm

    The ORIFLO C SERIES flow control chambers are designed for siting downstream of small to medium size crate/modular attenuation systems and storage tanks.

    The C SERIES models are all fitted internally with a full internal orifice plate/baffle, which has the orifice at the base to suit the designed flow requirement. The C SERIES have the orifice protected by a full length curved, filter baffle, which helps prevent blockage of the orifice from any silt and solids that may enter the system from the upstream storage. There is a choice of chamber heights and two diameters, with inlet and outlet pipework connections from 150mm to 300mm for twinwall pipe connections or 110 and 160mm for en 1401 sewer connections.

    The main chambers are manufactured from a high strength twinwall structure, which makes them very strong and extremely robust and so can be installed in granular surround or in some areas ‘as dug’ material. Although very robust they are relatively lightweight and as they are one piece unit, they offer significant onsite savings against PCC and other traditional flow control chambers as they need no construction or wet trades.

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    In order to calculate the size of the orifice, you need to calculate the design head of the attenuation tank. You also need to know the flow restriction, this is measured in litres per second.  The diagram below explains how to calculate the design head for your flow control control device.

    calculate design head for attenuation

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    Oriflow Flow Control Chamber 600mm for stormwater drainage systms