Build Plumb Plastics supply high quality Underground Drainage Pipe and fittings alongside Sewage Pipe or Soil Pipe and fittings. These are supplied from leading manufacturers including Polypipe, Brett Martin, Naylor, Clark Drain, Pipelife and Fernco. Our products include drainage pipe (EN1401-1 / BS4660:2000) and drainage pipe fittings in 110mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm and 400mm.

All drainage pipe is complemented by a full range of  Inspection Chambers, Manhole Covers, Land Drainage, Soakaways, Twinwall pipe, Surface and Foul Water Drainage, Utility Ducting and Channel Drainage. Our drainage sewer pipe comes with all relevant testing and accreditation, including BS4660:2000, EN1401-1, BBA, and WIS. All of our products are interchangeable with products from other leading UK manufacturers.

*Please note, to ensure the integrity of your underground drainage systems, our 'approved' products should only be used in conjunction with other 'approved' products and we strongly recommend that you check the certification of any cheaper, imported products that claim to have similar accreditation.

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  • What is underground drainage?
    Underground drainage systems are networks of pipes, channels and other components used to manage and move excess rainwater or groundwater away from homes and other buildings. They divert the water to safe locations such as ponds or streams. This helps protect properties from flooding and structural damage due to water accumulation.
  • What are the types of underground drainage systems?
    Underground drainage systems come in a few different types, the most common being corrugated and PVC slotted subsurface pipes. Mole drainage consists of mole drains, mole drains over collector pipe systems, and gravel mole drains.
  • How do you install underground drainage?
    Installing an underground drainage pipe is a simple process that requires the right materials and with the help of labor. Begin by digging a trench to accommodate the size of the pipe, then lay a layer of pea shingle (10mm / 20mm) in the bottom of the trench. Place the drainage pipe on top of the pea shingle and fill up both sides and behind with more pea shingle for support. With all these steps complete, your underground drainage should be properly installed!
  • What is the minimum size of a drain underground?
    The minimum size of a drain pipe underground is 4 inches in diameter. The diameter is dependent on the amount of flow needed and the length of the drain pipe.
  • What type of pipe to use for underground drainage?
    The best type of pipe for underground drainage is a perforated PVC pipe. This type of pipe is designed with small holes on one side that allow water to enter through the side of the pipe, rather than from the bottom. These pipes are then wrapped in a protective material to prevent corrosion and breakage during installation.