Build Plumb Plastics stock a wide range of solvent weld, push-fit and compression-fit soil and waste pipe and fittings.

Push fit soil and waste pipe systems have the advantage that they can be dismantled, rebuilt and adjusted. They are complete with water-tight ring seals and are suitable for all gravity water systems. Push fit waste pipe systems are ideal for DIY plumbing and where solvent weld systems are impractical.

MuPVC Solvent weld systems are more rigid, permanent systems with cleaner, smaller joints. Solvent weld systems can withstand higher temperatures and are tested to 0.5 bar. These are suitable for non-pressurised soil and waste water systems.

We also stock a wide range of traps, u-bends, WC and sanitary connectors and overflow pipes, suitable for both push-fit and solvent systems.

Explore our range of Underground Waste Pipes, specifically designed for efficient and reliable waste management in underground plumbing systems. Contact our experts today!

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  • What is the soil and waste system?
    A soil and waste system is a plumbing system in which waste from a building is collected, processed, and safely removed from the building. These systems are usually made of pipes, fittings, traps and vents for draining sewage and other wastes.
  • Can a waste pipe be connected to a soil pipe?
    Yes, it is possible to connect a waste pipe to a soil pipe. However, it is important to ensure that there is an air gap between the waste pipe and the soil pipe in order to prevent backflow and potential contamination of drinking water supplies. Professional installation is recommended for optimal safety and performance.
  • What is the difference between soil pipe and waste pipe?
    The primary difference between soil and waste pipes is the type of material used. Soil pipes are made from clay, while waste pipes are typically made from PVC or other plastic materials. Soil pipe tends to last much longer, but it is also more expensive and difficult to install. Waste pipes are cheaper, easier to install, and require minimal maintenance.
  • Are compression pipe fittings reliable?
    Yes, compression pipe fittings are highly reliable. These fittings create a secure and leak-proof joint connection without the need for welding, making them an economical solution that is suitable for all types of piping systems. Compression fitting connections are also tamper-proof, meaning that they remain secure even after multiple uses and high pressure systems.
  • Can you use compression fittings on push fit waste pipe?
    Yes, you can use compression fittings on push fit waste pipes. Compression fittings can provide a reliable and secure connection for both plastic and copper pipes. Make sure that the outside diameter of the pipe is compatible with the fitting before installation.