Metering, Mounts & Chambers

Plasson metering products have been developed according to the UK market demand and Water Utility company requirements.

Comprehensive Range: Water meters, Water meter boxes, water meter mount kits, internal metering manifolds and multi-port metering manifolds to suit every need.

WRAS approved Plasson products provide safe and reliable water connections for installations throughout the world. Their market-leading ‘O’ ring sealed manifolds make assembly on site fast and simple, while the polypropylene and polyethylene materials are extremely durable.

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  • What are metering, mounts, and chambers in the context of utilities?
    Metering, mounts, and chambers refer to components used in utility systems to measure and monitor consumption, provide secure housing for metres, and facilitate access for maintenance and readings. They are commonly used for gas, water, electricity, and other utility metre installations.
  • What are the different types of metres used in utility systems?
    Utility systems utilise various types of metres, including gas metres, water metres, electricity metres, heat metres, and smart metres. These metres measure the consumption or flow of the specific utility to track usage and enable accurate billing.
  • What are metre mounts used for?
    Metre mounts are structures designed to securely hold and support utility metres. They provide a stable platform for metre installations, ensuring accurate readings and protection against tampering or damage.
  • What materials are commonly used for metre mounts and chambers?
    Metre mounts and chambers are typically made from durable materials such as plastic, concrete, or metal. The choice of material depends on factors such as the utility being measured, environmental conditions, and regulatory requirements.
  • What is the purpose of metering chambers?
    Metering chambers serve as protective enclosures for utility metres. They provide a secure housing to safeguard metres from unauthorised access, weather conditions, and potential damage. Metering chambers also facilitate easy access for metre readings and maintenance.
  • Are there regulations or standards for metering, mounts, and chambers?
    Utility metering, mounts, and chambers must adhere to specific regulations and standards set by relevant authorities or industry organisations. These regulations ensure accuracy, safety, and compliance with established guidelines for utility metre installations.
  • Can metre mounts and chambers accommodate different types of utility metres?
    Yes, metre mounts and chambers are designed to accommodate various types of utility metres, including different sizes and configurations. They can be customised or standardised to fit specific metering requirements.
  • Do metre mounts and chambers require professional installation?
    Metre mounts and chambers are typically installed by qualified professionals to ensure proper placement, secure mounting, and adherence to regulations. Professional installation helps maintain accuracy, reliability, and safety in utility metering.
  • Can metre mounts and chambers be customised or relocated?
    Metre mounts and chambers can be customised to suit specific requirements, such as accommodating multiple metres or incorporating additional features. In some cases, they can be relocated or modified to adapt to changing utility needs or site conditions.
  • What maintenance is required for metering, mounts, and chambers?
    Regular inspection and maintenance of metering, mounts, and chambers are essential to ensure accurate metre readings and proper functioning. This may involve clearing debris, checking seals, verifying connections, and addressing any issues identified during inspections.