PPIC Manhole Inspection Chamber Sets

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Our 320mm manhole chamber sets are available with either a 3-inlet or 5-inlet inspection chamber base, 3 x 320mm chamber risers and a variety of manhole cover options, including recessed, sealed, ductile iron, square and round. Giving an invert height of 575mm.

The 460mm manhole chamber set is available with either a 5-way 110mm configuration or a 160mm inlet/outlet option. 460mm PPIC inspection chamber sets are complete with 3 x 460mm chamber risers, sealing rings and a variety of 450mm manhole cover options including recessed, sealed, ductile iron, square and round. Giving a maximum invert height of 865mm.

Our 320mm and 460mm PPIC inspection chamber sets provide a fast & easy way of buying your inspection chambers.

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  • What is a PPIC chamber?
    PPIC stands for "Programmable Pressure and Temperature Independent Control" chamber. It is a type of environmental chamber used in scientific research and testing to simulate various environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and pressure, in a controlled and programmable manner. These chambers are commonly used in fields such as materials science, biology, and engineering.
  • What is the diameter of a PPIC?
    The PPIC, or underground inspection chamber base, has a diameter of 450mm and is designed to accommodate drainage layouts of 160mm and 110mm.
  • How deep can a PPIC be?
    The safety limit for PPIC experiments is a depth of 20m (65.6 ft), however, it is not recommended to dive deeper than 10m (32.8ft) due to the increased pressure and risks associated with such depths.