Gully Grates

If you’re wondering what a gully grate is, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Build Plumb Plastics, we supply the gully grates to accommodate some of the most diverse needs and wants when it comes to finding a suitable solution for your rainwater drainage system.

We supply the gully grates to remove surface water efficiently, to ultimately prevent flooding. As with any of the products that we supply at Build Plumb Plastics, the cast iron grate is specifically designed to meet drainage needs, so you needn’t worry about finding exactly what you need for your system.

Within our extensive range of underground drainage products, you’ll notice that we supply gullies to suit every application. The cast iron gully is part of a high-quality collection that is guaranteed to enhance your drainage system.

Here at Build Plumb Plastics, we supply the Load Class C250 and the Load Class D400 road gully grates to suit some of the most diverse requirements.

Load Class D400 road gully.

The 40 Tonne cast iron grating is designed to provide optimum strength and to maximise drainage space. It’s made from strong, ductile iron and incorporates captive hinges which makes it easier to lift when it needs cleaning.

Load Class C250 road gully.

As an alternative to the 40 Tonne road gully grate, we supply the 25 Tonne cast ion grate. This is equally as durable; however, it includes a pedestrianised grid locking feature, making it perfect for driveways and car parks.

In terms of reliability, you cannot go wrong with any cast iron grate from Build Plumb Plastics; their strong durable design ensures that it retains quality standards and withstands various impacts. If you’re looking for something for your heavy-duty applications, a gully grate from Build Plumb Plastics could be exactly what you need!

The cast iron grate is designed to be simple, not only making the installation process easier but providing you with low maintenance products. As well as this, our cast iron grate is manufactured to meet British Standards and is designed to be innovative, incorporating a well-designed frame.

The main purpose of the cast iron grate is to drain water efficiently, however, it’s also designed to be safe and easy to install, saving you time, effort and money. The gully grates that we supply at Build Plumb Plastics are designed to minimise safety issues, providing you with a lasting solution for your drainage system.

The team at Build Plumb Plastics are always on hand to offer their wealth of knowledge and expertise, so if you need to know any more about the cast iron grate or if you require any other sizes or styles, discuss these with our sales team on 01255 258525 today!

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  • What size is a standard gully?
    The standard size for a gully trap, also known as a floor drain, is 8 inches in diameter and 12 inches in depth. The internal walls of the trap should be sloped at an angle from the central outlet so that waste materials can easily flow away from the building.
  • How does a road gully work?
    A road gully is a drainage system that collects rainwater and other surface water from the road and directs it into the sewer system. It consists of a metal or concrete grate that covers a hole in the road, allowing water to flow through. The water then enters a pipe that leads to the sewer system. The gully is designed to prevent debris and other materials from entering the sewer system, which can cause blockages and other problems.
  • What is the capacity of D400?
    The capacity of the D400 is up to 400 cubic feet, or 11.3 cubic meters, of space. It is designed for maximum efficiency without compromising on quality and performance. It can accommodate large items like furniture, appliances and other bulky items while keeping dust, moisture and pests out.
  • What is the difference between D400 and E600?
    The main difference between D400 and E600 is the amount of weight they can withstand. D400 covers and gratings are designed to handle a maximum test load of 400kN, while E600 covers and gratings can withstand a higher test load of 600kN. This means that the E600 is generally considered to be stronger and more durable than the D400.
  • What diameter is road gully?
    The typical diameter of a road gully is between 600 and 1200mm, depending on the type and purpose of the gully.