Prostyle Ogee Gutter

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  • What is an ogee gutter?
    An ogee gutter is a type of gutter that has a distinctive S-shape profile. It is often used in traditional or historic-style homes, as it has a decorative look that can add to the overall aesthetic of the building. The shape of the ogee gutter also helps to improve water flow and prevent clogs.
  • Are ogee and k style gutters the same?
    No, ogee and K-style gutters are not the same. Ogee gutters have a more decorative, curved shape while K-style gutters have a more angular, flat shape. Additionally, ogee gutters are typically larger and more expensive than K-style gutters.
  • Is grey guttering more expensive?
    In general, grey guttering is slightly more expensive than white guttering. However, the price difference is usually minimal and may vary depending on the brand and supplier. It's important to consider factors beyond just cost, such as durability and aesthetic appeal, when choosing guttering for your home.
  • What is the minimum fall for gutters in the UK?
    The minimum fall for gutters in the UK is typically 1:350, which means that for every 350mm of guttering, there should be a fall of 1mm towards the downpipe. However, this can vary depending on the specific installation and local building codes. It's best to consult with a professional gutter installer for specific recommendations.
  • What are the dimensions of ogee guttering?
    Ogee guttering typically comes in two sizes: 115mm and 125mm. The depth of the guttering is usually around 77mm, while the width can vary depending on the manufacturer. It's always best to check with the specific brand or supplier for exact dimensions.