Steel Cover & Frame

Our range of Clark Drain and Polypipe steel manhole covers are designed to suit most light to medium-duty applications, providing safe and secure coverage for your manhole inspection chambers.

Steel manhole covers are designed to be lightweight, robust and easy to install.


Steel manhole covers are typically used for pavements, pedestrian use and light vehicular use. The lightweight frame and steel cover make the inspection of your manhole chamber easy and, the installation process quick & simple.


Steel manhole covers are manufactured in mild steel and meet BS EN 1449:1991, EN 10025:2004 and comply with BS EN 1461:2009. The frames are designed to be lightweight and robust, the manhole cover frames are made from polypropylene grade AP9.


When choosing steel manhole covers, be mindful that the dimensions printed typically refer to the clear opening size of the manhole cover and not the overall frame width. Should you require any assistance choosing the right size steel manhole cover, please get in touch with the Sales Team on 01255 258525

We also offer a drain inspection cover

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