Road and Yard Gullies

Build Plumb Plastics Ltd are your go-to suppliers of the Brett Martin road and yard gullies. As with any of the products we supply, our road and yard gullies are manufactured to the highest-quality, making it easier for you to find only the most suitable products for your underground drainage system.

Road Gullies.

A road gully operates similarly to a domestic one; made from polyethylene, it’s designed to be strong and durable. The Brett Martin road gully is one of the most innovative products in its calibre. Its flexible design makes it suitable for various applications, including car parks and motorways.

The road gully is renowned for its dual combination outlet, creating a trap to prevent any unpleasant smells. We supply the trapped road gullies in the following:

B9450 – 450mm x 900mm

B4750 – 450mm x 750mm

The road gully is an important component of your surface water drainage system that can prevent any sediments from entering the system. Each road gully that we supply comes with a stepped spigot outlet that suits the 160 PVC drainage pipe. This road gully incorporates a cut line that can convert the pipe connection, ultimately eliminating any serious problems further down the line.

The team here at Build Plumb Plastics are always on hand to provide you with any advice and support that you require to ensure that you choose the right sized outlet gullies for your underground drainage system!

Within our collection of gullies, you’ll also discover the 300m x 600m invert trapped yard gully.

Yard Gullies.

Like our road gullies, the yard gully is a reliable alternative to any gully trap, collecting and separating surface water efficiently.

The design of our yard gully is modern and durable, providing you with a high-quality solution for your drainage system. Our yard gully is ideal for any heavy-duty applications and comes with a 110mm outlet to fit 110mm underground drainage pipes seamlessly.

There are several benefits associated with the yard gully, one of the main ones being that they are lightweight, therefore making them easy to handle and lift. With this, transportation of the yard gully is made simpler.

As well as this, the yard gully can trap silt and prevent it from entering the drains. We recommend the yard gully if you’re looking to prevent any blockages in your drainage pipes.

Here at Build Plumb Plastics, we supply a complete range of cost-efficient products, including our road and yard gullies. The Brett Martin gullies are an example of the high-quality products that we supply at BP Plastics. Our team of experts are dedicated to delivering all our customers with the best customer service, hence why they are always on hand to help. So if you require any expert advice or support choosing products for your underground drainage system, whether it be a road gully or a yard gully, be sure to get in touch with us today!

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  • What are the gullies on the road?
    Road gullies are drainage systems that are installed on the sides of roads to collect rainwater and prevent flooding. They are designed to filter out debris and pollutants, and direct the water to a drainage system or a nearby body of water. Road gullies are an important part of road infrastructure and help to keep roads safe and functional.
  • What is a yard gully?
    A yard gully is a drainage system that is installed in the yard or garden of a property to prevent flooding or water damage. It typically consists of a small pit or basin that collects rainwater and other runoff, which is then directed through a pipe or channel to a larger drainage system or sewer. Yard gullies are commonly used in areas with heavy rainfall or poor soil drainage, and they can help to protect homes and other structures from water damage.
  • What is a road gully?
    A road gully is a drainage system that is typically found on roads and highways. It is designed to collect rainwater and other surface runoff and direct it into a drainage system to prevent flooding and water damage. The gully is usually a grated opening in the road surface that leads to a pipe or channel that carries the water away.
  • How do road gullies work?
    Road gullies are drainage systems that are designed to collect rainwater from the road surface and channel it away to prevent flooding. They are typically located at the edge of the road and consist of a metal or concrete grating that covers a pit or chamber. When it rains, the water flows into the grating and into the chamber, where it is then directed into a drainage pipe or culvert. The gully is designed to trap any debris or sediment that may be carried along with the water, preventing it from entering the drainage system and causing blockages. The collected debris is periodically removed by maintenance crews to ensure that the gully continues to function properly.
  • How deep are road gullies?
    It depends on the specific road and drainage system, but road gullies are typically between 600mm and 900mm deep.