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Septic Tanks

Here at Build Plumb Plastics, we supply a complete range of products that are guaranteed to meet your underground drainage needs; be sure to check out our collection of Septic Tanks today!

The Septic Tanks are used to collect and store effluent, allowing you to eliminate sewage, without being connected to the mains sewage system. When it comes to collecting foul sewage and separating solids and liquids, you cannot go wrong with a Sewer Septic Tank from BP Plastics.

Our Septic Tanks.

Each of our tanks is designed to be technical. We supply them in various sizes, so be sure to choose only the most suitable one for your underground drainage requirements. The Septic Tank Systems are designed to store foul sewage reliably, offering an immense capacity for 2,800L, 3,800L or 4,500L of waste!

Within our collection of Septic Tank Systems, you’ll discover the spherical tanks or “onion style” tanks as they can often be referred to as. These systems are perfect for heavy duty applications and are designed to be easy to handle. 

How do Septic Tanks work?

Septic Tank Systems are relatively straightforward when it comes to removing effluent from your domestic or commercial property. Offering a natural process for sewage treatment, our Sewer Septic Tank is guaranteed to discharge, cleaner, sustainable discharge into the watercourse.

Made up of 2 chambers, our Septic Tanks can effectively separate solids from liquids, removing contaminants. Any solids that enter the Sewer Septic Tank settle at the bottom of the chamber whilst liquids rise towards the top where they will come into contact with oxygen.

The first chamber is used to store wastewater and to break down scum and solids that have built up over time. Once these solids have been digested and broken down, the liquids then enter the second chamber where they will exit through an outlet pipe.

As the wastewater transfers through the outlet pipe, it reaches the drainage field and enters the watercourse.

If you notice any solid or scum left inside the Sewer Septic Tank, this will need to be removed professionally (don’t attempt to clean it yourself or leave it to build up!)

Click Here To Download the Septic Tank Technical Sheet

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