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Water Underfloor Heating

Powerful, efficient systems you can use anywhere

Wet systems are very versatile and are suitable for many applications from a single kitchen to a whole hotel. If you’re looking for great efficiency, they’re the best choice. They can be tuned to give out exactly the heat each room needs, and no more, creating comfortable warmth and cutting energy bills.

To get the best results from a water underfloor heating system, you’ll need to choose the right type for your particular needs. Here’s our quick guide to your options, for more detail or further queries, please don't hesitate to contact Customer Services on 0800 999 7576

underfloor heating screed

1) Screed systems

There’s no doubt about it, screed systems give you the best possible output. They’re also the cheapest

There are three different screed systems to choose from: option and the most efficient. The drawback is, they need space. Typically, they need around 200mm because they rely on heating a thermal mass.

Staples: the cheapest way to lay this kind of system on a budget.

Clip rails: easier, faster installation, great for big, open rooms.

Castellation mats: the most expensive screed option, but the fastest. They’re also ideal if you’re laying a water system on a solid concrete floor without installation.

2) Low-profile systems

These are great when you’re retrofitting underfloor heating or working with low ceiling heights. They’re also perfect when you’re fitting a water system upstairs because they only need 18mm of space.

Plus, they’re easy to install, even if you’re doing the job on your own. Adding our Snug Support low-profile ends makes installation much faster and easier too.

underfloor heating or working with low ceiling heights

3) Suspended floor systems

These systems are designed specifically for upper floors and there are two main options to choose from:

Fit from above heat plates: fits neatly between standard 400mm joists and are easy to install.

Fit from below heat plates: ideal if you’re renovating downstairs and want to add underfloor heating upstairs without lifting the floor.

They fit neatly between any size of joist making them quick and easy to install.

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