Attenuation Tank Liner. Impermeable Membrane 0.5mm 2000g 4x12.5m

Attenuation Tank Liner. Impermeable Membrane 0.5mm 2000g 4x12.5m
Product Code: GTMEMBRANE/500
(Max 10000)
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    GT 500 Attenuation Tank Liner

    This product is shipped direct from the manufacturer: 2-3 day lead time.

    GT 500 is a standard 2000 gauge impermeable membrane for lining / wrapping modular attenuation tanks. The attenuation liner is completely wrapped around the water storage tank to create a watertight skin. The wrapped tank should then be wrapped with an 300gsm protection fleece geotextile to prevent the tank liner being punctured.

    All seams should be double-sealed using 50mm double-sided butyl tape between the layers of membrane and a 75mm single-sided butyl tape around the perimetre of the seams.

    Please note that for high capacity and high-flow applications, a thicker LLDPE geomembrane is usually required with the seams welded. See our product code GTLLDPE  for more information

    You may want to consider a pre-fabricated shoe box liner depending on the size of your installation. A shoe box liner is an easy-to-install, pre-welded 2-part impermable box that does not require in-situ welding or specialist services.