225mm twin wall pipe and fittings are ideal for a range of drainage and sewage applications. These robust and versatile products are designed to offer superior performance and durability. Providing a 225mm internal and 265mm external diameter.

What is 225mm Twin Wall Pipe?:
Our twin wall pipes are manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and feature a smooth inner wall for efficient flow alongside a corrugated outer wall for added strength and rigidity. This dual structure makes them perfect for withstanding heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions, making them a popular choice for civil engineering projects, road and rail drainage, and agricultural drainage systems.

Key Features:
High Durability: The corrugated exterior provides excellent resistance to external pressure, while the smooth interior ensures minimal friction for efficient water flow.
Lightweight: Despite their strength, twin wall pipes are lightweight, which makes them easy to handle and install compared to traditional materials like concrete.
Versatility: Suitable for both underground and above-ground installations, these pipes are adaptable to various project needs.

Popular Applications:
Road and highway drainage: Efficiently managing surface water to prevent flooding.
Agricultural drainage: Improving field conditions by removing excess water.
Railway drainage: Ensuring stability and longevity of railway tracks by preventing water accumulation.
Sewerage systems: Offering reliable performance in transporting waste.

Available Fittings:
There are a comprehensive range of fittings available for all our twinwall pipe to ensure a seamless connection and optimal performance. These include:
Couplers and adaptors: For joining pipes of different sizes or materials.
Bends and junctions: To navigate around obstacles and create branches in the drainage network.
End caps and reducers: To terminate pipes and manage changes in pipe diameter effectively.

The Benefits of Using Twin Wall:
Cost-effective: Reduced installation and maintenance costs due to their lightweight nature and durability.
Environmental resistance: Resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and root intrusion, ensuring longevity in various soil conditions.
Ease of installation: Quick and straightforward installation process, reducing labor time and costs.

For more detailed information on our range of 225mm twin wall pipe and fittings or for any advice on the ideal products to use for your drainage system, please contact our experienced and helpful sales team on 01255 258525 or email action@bpplastics.co.uk.

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