40mm MUPVC Pipe and Fittings

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  • What is the diameter of a 40mm solvent weld pipe?
    The diameter of a 40mm solvent weld pipe is 40 millimetres.
  • What is the actual size of a 40mm waste pipe?
    The actual size of a 40mm waste pipe is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • What is the difference between uPVC and SWR pipes?
    uPVC pipes are used for water supply and drainage systems, while SWR pipes are used for soil, waste, and rainwater drainage systems. uPVC pipes are more rigid and durable, while SWR pipes are more flexible and lightweight. Additionally, uPVC pipes are resistant to chemicals and corrosion, while SWR pipes are resistant to high temperatures and fire.
  • What is the blue stuff used on PVC?
    The blue stuff used on PVC is most likely PVC cement or PVC glue. It is used to bond PVC pipes and fittings together. It typically comes in a can or tube and is applied to the surfaces to be joined before they are pushed together. The cement then dries and creates a strong, permanent bond.
  • What is the strongest grade of PVC pipe?
    It is thicker and stronger than Schedule 40 PVC pipe, making it more resistant to pressure and impact. Schedule 80 PVC pipe is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications where high pressure and heavy-duty usage is expected.