Silt Sentinel SSFT500 Dual Filter Trap

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The Advanced Silt Trap is a very efficient silt and sand trap and will remove over 95% of silt and solids that could enter the downstream drainage systems. The silt trap is highly recommended in storm water drainage systems where there is the potential of high levels of silt and solids. The installation of a silt trap will support SuDS schemes, however, if you want to be assured of the maximum protection for your attenuation/ storage system, then the Advanced Silt Trap is highly recommended, due to its efficiency at removing small particles via its specially designed dual filter system. 

This unit is extremely robust but lightweight and as they are one piece units, they save significant amounts of onsite costs as they need no construction or wet trades.

How it works : Surface water enters the unit and any silt and solids in the flow will drop into the filter bucket. This offers primary filtration, removing much of the heavier silt and sand. Any finer particles from the primary filtered flow through the filter bucket will settle at the base and then cleaner separated water will then pass through a secondary fine mesh filter before it is discharged via the outlet pipe. Both the filter bucket and secondary filter are simply removed for cleaning.

This product is suitable for 160mm pipework and can be adapted using level-invert reducers for 110mm pipework. 

Height @ 980mm
Inlet Invert @ 480mm
Outlet Invert @ 700mm

Standard 450mm dia inspection chamber risers (BP431) can be used to extend the shaft.


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