Polystorm Soakaway Crate Kit 1 Cubic Metre Light Duty (20 Tonne)

Polystorm Soakaway Crate Kit 1 Cubic Metre Light Duty (20 Tonne)
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    Polystorm Soakaway Crates 1000mm L X 500mm W X 400mm D

    Each crate has a capacity of approx. 200L : 5no Crates = 1 cubic meters.

    This kit is suitable for surface area drainage of up to 50m2. The kit also includes 1 x 10m2 roll of white non-woven geotextile.

    We recommend using a Silt Trap upstream of your soakaway system to preven the ingress of solids and silt.  The Silt Trap will prolong the life of your soakaway and ensure it remains maintenance free and working at its' full capacity. Add a Silt Trap to your basket below (see related products).

    Your soil type will determine the efficiency of the soakaway system. We recommend that your groundwork contractor undertakes a percolation test on your soil to calculate the correct number of crates for your application. As a general guide, based on your soil type not being heavy/clay, you can estimate the size of your soakaway using a ratio of 1 crate per 10m2 of surface area that you are draining. However we do advise that the correct tests are carried out prior to you designing your soakaway system.

    You can download the Polypipe Polystorm Technical Guide here.