Brett Martin Stormcrate 55T Soakaway Crate 1200mm x 600mm x 347mm(0.25m3)

Brett Martin Stormcrate 55T Soakaway Crate
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    Brett Martin's StormCrates are modular geocellular units which are used predominantly as below ground storm water attenuation, surface water infiltration and soakaway systems.

    The StormCrates are designed to be stacked together to create a structural below ground holding tank or to allow the infiltration of storm water into the ground around them. The void created by the StormCrates will collect storm water during heavy rainfall conditions. The collected water soaks away slowly into the drainage system or ground water table over a more sustained period of time.

    Extensive use of this type of storm water attenuation module has helped relieve pressure on conventional surface water drainage systems in line with the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) program advocated by the Environment Agency.

    Each crate has a capacity of approx. 300L

    4 Crates = 1 /m3

    Delivery Info:

    1-3 crates shipped on Standard Next-Day Delivery
    4+ crates up to 7 working days lead time depending on location

    Your soil type will determine the efficiency of the soakaway system. We recommend that your groundwork contractor undertakes a percolation test on your soil to calculate the correct number of crates for your application. As a general guide, based on your soil type not being heavy/clay, you can estimate the size of your soakaway using a ratio of 1 crate per 15m2 of surface area that you are draining. However we do advise that the correct tests are carried out prior to you designing your soakaway system.

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