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Polystorm and Polystorm Lite are lightweight modular water storage cells with a high void ratio that can be used for either attenuation or infiltration of stormwater in residential, commercial, industrial and retail applications. The system facilitates quick and easy assembly on site where multiple configurations can be formed from standard stock items. A full range of silt traps, flow control units and adaptors complete the system.

Polystorm soakaway boxes are manufactured to the exacting standards of Osma's soakaway crate, otherwise known as Aquacell.Please call or email for a specification brochure.

5 number of Polystorm soakaway crates equals 1 cubic metre of soakaway. One crate should be used for every 10 square metres of roof area to be drained.

Each crate is supplied with 4 clips and 2 shear band connectors. We buy in bulk and will not be beaten on price or service! Please call us if you would like more information.

Polystorm dimensions are 1000mm Long x 500mm Wide x 400mm High, giving a 95 % Void Ratio.

We also offer Brett Martin's Rainbloc soakaway system. Each crate dimensions are 1200mm Long x 600mm Wide x 420mm High. Please call for price of these.

Please note, the soakway crates we offer are ready built and not flat pack crates supplied by other manufacturers.

For more information, please feel free to view our technical installation guide

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Advanced Silt Trap
Stainless Steel Silt Bucket For Larger Objects, Secondary Filtration For Smaller Particles. Bucket..
Including VAT (£769.09)
Flow Control Unit
460mm Dia x 1200mm High, 2 x 110mm Inlet, 1 x 110mm Outlet, 160mm Overflow, Max Buriel Depth 1.2m,..
Including VAT (£753.22)
Basic Silt Trap
Adjustable Sump Level And Height To Cover (Risers And Seals Required), 160mm Inlet And Outlet ..
Including VAT (£404.02)
Mini Silt Trap
320mm Dia x 450mm Height, 110mm Inlet And Outlet, Silt Bucket Included, Max Buriel Depth 1m ..
Including VAT (£285.23)
160mm EN1401-1 Flange Adaptor
Including VAT (£89.14)
150mm Ridgidrain Flange Adaptor
Including VAT (£83.42)
110mm EN1401-1 Flange Adaptor
Including VAT (£58.63)
Rainbloc Soakaway Crate 1200mmL x 600mmW x 420mmD 60 Tonne Crate
Brett Martins Rainbloc soakaway system  is a high strengh soakaway crate with a load bearing ..
Including VAT (£47.99)
Polystorm Heavy Duty (65 Tonne) Crate
Including VAT (£38.39)
Polystorm Lite Duty ( 20 Tonne) Crate
Including VAT (£35.99)
Polystorm Heavy Duty (65 Tonne) Crate (Minimum Qty 90)
Price Is Reduced For A Minimum 90 Crates With A Lead Time Of Upto 5 Days   ..
Including VAT (£33.59)