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MDPE Water Supply

MDPE Water Supply

Our MDPE pipe is available in 20, 25,  32,  40,  50 mm and in coils of 25 , 50, 100 and 150 metres. It conforms to BS EN 12201.

Our MDPE comes in colours of blue or black. Blue is for potable(drinking) water and black is non potable i.e. seawater,  pumped sewerage.

Our blue MDPE are used as service connections from distribution mains to individual properties and for above ground services if the pipes are installed within protective ducts.It should not be used for the conveyance of gases, oil, petrol, diesel or compressed air.The system is suitable for use with cold water(maximum temperature 20DG C) with a working pressure of up to 12.5 bar.

We also offer a full range of  fittings which conform to  WIS 4-32-11. They are adaptable for Polyethylene,  Lead,  Copper,  Pvc  and Galvanised Iron.

We also offer a Barrier MDPE and fittings system. It is also called Trigon, Protecta-Line and Polyguard to name but a few. It is Polyethylene pressure pipe with an aluminium barrier layer for potable water in contaminated land, otherwise known as brownfield sites.It complies with BS6920 water quality testing and approved under regulation 31 of the water supply(water quality) Regulations 2000.

If you can't find a product you are looking for,  please do not hesitate to email or call us.

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